“There are enough ugly things in life for us not to add more”
Pierre Auguste Renoir, 1910

Lee Kimball’s pastel paintings exist as visual commentaries on the land and the continuing cycles of life, particularly of his native Henry County, Illinois, that have transformed this land into what it is today. Though much of his work is devoid of human form, the elements that he portrays are evocative of man’s influence on the land – the farmsteads, the fields, the roads – all of which have their stories to tell, of generations come and gone.

Within the frame work of Lee’s art, light and color play an integral part. They provide the essential elements of the landscape – the shape of the shadow on a barn wall, the color of corn in tassel, the brilliance of sumac in fall, the silhouette of trees, reflections on the water. This is what Lee asks you to experience.